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New Hours:

Tuesday's: 6-10pm
Friday's: 6-10pm
Saturday's: 6-10pm

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RTD Skatepark is 15,000 sq feet of tranny and street. Designed to as a quality training facility for all levels, RTD was built by some of the best builders in the industry. All ramps are covered with top quality Russian birch. We host top level contests with many traveling from surrounding states to compete. The park also offers a complete pro shop, concessions, weekly events, skateboarding lesons, and more.

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RTD Skatepark is located on Rock the Desert property. Rock the Desert is an annual summer music festival that

has been taking place for over a decade. RTD Skatepark is proud to be a location for bands to play, not only during

this annual event,  but throughout the year. During the week come listen as several DJs spin up some local flavor.

If you are a local band or DJ looking for a venue to showcase your talent. Stop in and see what we are all about!

Our goal is to redeem the arts and be a venue where positive music can be shared with residents of West Texas

in a safe and fun environment.

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When you think of sports, the last thing you may think about is art or the freedom of expression. You may think of the high energy, or excitement, competition. But seldomly you would assicoate the two. However, art and sports are not

mutually exclusive. Just look at skateboarding. When a skater picks their board, while they must consider size, they also consider the art on the board. The graphics are often an expression of who they are. Skate culture is built around, and promotes, creative individuals. There are some amazing things seen on skateboards that one couldn’t even fathom for canvas. Skateboard art and skateboard culture go hand in hand. 


RTD Skatepark seeks to become a venue where those who love the skate & art culture can use thier gifts and share them with the world.

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Skateboarding community is a family and as part of that family here in West Texas we truly love them and want to invest in thier lives. By living out our lives together we want to share the faith we have that makes us sure of what

we hope for and gives us proof of what we cannot see. Join us EVERY Tuesday night as we open God's Word and

learn more about our creator together. Our goal is to live life together, laugh together, cry togther, celebrate together, pray together and grow together. We hope you will join us! For we know real faith is one that "serves the poor,

prays without ceasing, redeems the arts, loves enemies, elevates community above corporate success, and preaches the life-giving Gospel of a crucified and risen Lamb in season and out." We want to put feet to our faith and live

lives that make an eternal impact!


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2000 S FM 1788

Midland, TX  79711

Tel: 1-432-235-7001


Tuesday (BMX & SCOOTERS ONLY) : 6pm - 10pm    *Bible Study at 7pm

Friday (SKATERS ONLY): 6pm - 10pm

*Bible Study at 7pm


Ready to book a lesson or birthday party? 


Call us at 1-432-563-3434

or fill out the contact form & we’ll get you rolling

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RTD Skatepark


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