• Remember that you were once a first timer.

  • Treat others the way that you want to be treated.

  • Learn the traffic flow of the park.

  • Know you ability level and stay within it.

  • Have fun but remember, ramps are not slides.

  • Be aware of your surroundings. When it is not your turn, stay out of the way of those skating.

  • IF you collide with someone, make sure they are ok, if they seem even remotely hurt, find an RTD staff member or volunteer and let them know what happened.

  • DON’T put anything (board, wheels, foot etc) on the coping while someone else is doing a run.

  • IF you fall, move out of the way quickly rather than laying/standing there.

  • NO whining or crying unless you have a really good reason.

  • DON’T throw anything: board, bike, scooter, or helmet etc.

  • KEEP beverages out of the park, a spill can make a huge slippery mess.

  • DON’T BE A SNAKE, when someone is doing a line, dont drop in on them, wait your turn.

  • DON’T TAKE MARATHON RUNS - you might think it’s cool to ride for a longtime straight, but do it all the time and people will get mad.  A couple times a session is acceptable.

  • DON’T USE THE FLATBOTTOM of ramps or the middle of a ramp area (other than the plaza) to practice flatland/flatground tricks.

  • COMMUNICATE! Whether verbally or a head nod, gesture etc, let people know what you plan to do.

  • CALL your drop-in, especially on busy days.

  • BE FAIR and make sure everybody gets a shot.

  • LEDGES are not for sitting.

  • APOLOGIZE if you do something wrong, seriously.

  • WARN people if you lose your board etc, or if you see somebody lose theirs.

  • WIPE your feet at the door, try to keep the dirt and dust outside.

  • IF you are going to attempt a banger of a trick, get a spotter to keep your takeoff/landing area clear.

  • IF you are filming/shooting, be aware that other people in the park paid to skate.

  • DON’T BE A ONE-UPPER, if you don’t understand this, have somebody explain it to you.

  • KNOW that the later in the day a session occurs; skaters/riders get bigger/older and the higher the level of skill tends to be.  Don’t expect to come session like you are training for street league during the 9am session on a weekend day.  The opposite is also true, if you are a beginner or are on the small side, a 6pm Saturday session is most likely not for you.

  • DON’T steal.


  • No Waiver = Skate Later: Waivers are required for ALL skaters. Skaters under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian complete thier waiver. Waivers can be completed online HERE

  • Under 18 = Protect Your Bean: We are firm believers in protecting the only brain God gave you. If you are under 18, a helmet is required. If you are over 18, helmets are strongly encouraged.

  • No Respect = We Must Reject: RTD Skatepark is open to all ages. If you are excessive in the use of profanity, the staff will ask you to leave.There is no smoking in the park and no alcohol or drugs allowed on Rock the Desert property. If you are high or drunk, the staff will ask you to leave the property.Skating is only permitted in the warehouse. Please do not skate on the stage or near the offices.Respect other skaters by letting everyone have a run. The park is run by volunteers. We ask you to respect the staff and ovey the rules at all times.



  • Not just Skate: RTD Skatepark is more than just a place to skate. We exist to share the hope we have found in God. If you come to skate for the Free session on Tuesday, you must attend the Bible Study. You do not need to be a Christian to attend.

  • Too Late = No Skate: If you show up after Bible Study time or leave before/during the study, you will not be able to skate for the free session

RTD Skatepark