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Tuesdays: 6pm - 10pm (FREE skate)   *Bible Study 7pm


  • Not just Skate: RTD Skatepark is more than just a place to skate. We exist to share the hope we have found in God. If you come to skate for the Free session on Tuesday, you must attend the Bible Study. You do not need to be a Christian to attend.

  • Too Late = No Skate: If you show up after Bible Study time or leave before/during the study, you will not be able to skate for the free session

 church property, skate safe & have fun!!!


  • No Pay = No Play: RTD stives to keep the park low cost. Your daily skate fee helps us continue to offer a quality indoor facility for the skaters of West Texas. We do not offer memberships due to the low cost of entry.

  • No Waiver = Skate Later: Waivers are required for ALL skaters. Skaters under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian complete thier waiver. Waivers can be completed online HERE

  • Under 18 = Protect Your Bean: We are firm believers in protecting the only brain God gave you. If you are under 18, a helmet is required. If you are over 18, helmets are strongly encouraged.

  • No Respect = We Must Reject:

    • RTD Skatepark is open to all ages. If you are excessive in the use of profanity, the staff will ask you to leave.

    • There is no smoking in the park and no alcohol or drugs allowed on Rock the Desert property. If you are high or drunk, the staff will ask you to leave the property.

    • Skating is only permitted in the warehouse. Please do not skate on the stage or near the offices.

    • Respect other skaters by letting everyone have a run. The park is run by volunteers. We ask you to respect the staff and ovey the rules at all times.

HELMETS: $3/Session
  • Are bikes allowed at RTD Skatepark? Yes. We allow bikes with plastic pedals, pegs and handles
  • Are scotters allowed? Yes.
  • How old do you have to be to skate? All ages are allowed. However, we ask that skaters under 10 be supervised by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Is the park available for birthdays & private events? Yes. Please check out our PARK RENTAL page.
  • Can we host a contest or event at the park? We often allow companies and individuals to host contests, contact the skatepark director for more information.
  • How can my band play at the park? Send a demo and band info to our skatepark director.
  • How can I display my art at the skatepark? Send a sample of your artwork and bio to our skatepark director.
  • Can I volunteer? We are always looking for volunteers. Contact our skatepark director. Volunteer hours can be used as service hours for school.
  • How can I get involved? We are always looking for volunteers. We are run almost entirely on volunteer staff and rely on the donations of individuals and corporations to run the facility. We would love to share our vision for the future of this facility with you. We are also looking for those willing to help provide meals for the skaters at our Tuesday night Bible Studies. To get involved and become a partner of RTD Skatepark, contact the skatepark director.
  • Does RTD SKatepark do demos for community events & churches? Yes. Contact our director for more info.
  • Does RTD build custom ramps? Yes. We can build a ramp according to your needs. Contact out director for more info.

RTD Skatepark


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