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RTD Skatepark and Rock the Desert Ministries requires a waiver for any visitor wishing to participate in any of our riding based activities. To make this easy, we have made our waiver available to complete online or at RTD Skatepark.


  • You only need to fill out a waiver on your first visit. All waivers are kept on a secure online database. We never share or sell your information.

  • We require all participants over the age of 18 and the parent(s) or legal guardian of a minor to present a valid form of photo ID (identification) that also displys D.O.B (date of birth), as part of the waiver process. The following are examples of of valid ID’s: drivers license, passport or state issued ID.

  • If the participant is under the age of 18, the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian

    • Step-parents are not legally a parent or guardian unless they have been recognized as such by a court.

    • Foster-parents are not legally a parent or guardian unless they have been recognized as such by a court.

    • A legal guardian is a person assigned by a court to take care of a minor, if this is your situation, please come prepared to provide a copy of the documentation provided by the court which proves that you are in fact the legal guardian. For an actual definition of guardian please visit the following link.

    • Grandparents, other family members or friends do not become guardians for a day just because they have a parent’s permission, whether verbal or written. Assignment of temporary guardianship requires a legal process to be followed.

  • RTD Skatepark reserves the right to deny entry to any individual or group if a person misrepresents themselves as a parent or legal guardian of a minor.

  • By signing the RTD waiver you confirm that you understand the previous information.

 church property, skate safe & have fun!!!


RTD Skatepark


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